Teachers that don't check homework are the best, amirite?

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Except when you actually do the homework, and you definitely want credit for doing it.

It actually bothers me when teachers just check to see if you did the homework but doesn't read it. People in my class are always doing half-assed work and getting a -pluses while a person that puts time and effort into their work and misses a couple assignments gets a B

And then they decide to check all of the hw at the end of semester, as if you were actually keeping up with hw they were never checking.

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A teacher of mine says that his homework is optional because if you know the material he doesn't want to waste your time, however if you do poorly on a test he knows you haven't been doing homework.

I had this one algebra teaching lady who would walk around the classroom and put a checkmark in her gradebook and look at the front page of the homework. I always replaced the header. I already knew all that shit anyway, so that class was pretty easy.

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In my US history class my teacher never checks the homework. we just get tested on it, which sucks because someone could spend 4 hours outlining a chapter and miss one or two details and then get a bad grade on that quiz.

On the contrary. If my teacher's don't check I procrastinate and find myself unprepared for the test. Also, homework grades are easy points.

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