When I meet a girl for the first time I shake hands with my left. I don't want to intimidate her with the competition right away. amirite?

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I think that people that No Way'd just didn't get it.. What a shame

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i laughed out loud. funny!

that's genius.

I will never be able to think about shaking hands the same way ever again

hrmmm i shouldn't be shaking with my hands then

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I didn't get that for like 5 minutes but when I did I laughed for like 10 minutes xD

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omg lol!

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Almost laughed out loud

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Lawl I don't shake with either hand in that case

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cough sickipedia.

I don't get it

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@I don't get it

Hello again.
Oh and he's referring to the right hand as the "competition." As in he masturbates with his right hand and that would be the competition for the girl.

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