Just about to fall asleep..... CRAP FORGOT TO TAKE OUT MY CONTACTS!! Amirite?

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Ugh I hate that!

Ahhh I hate that so much! Add when you don't realize you left them in till the next morning and they're all dry and stuff. :(

I think this also applies to the crap-i-forgot-to-brush-my-teeth feeling.

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@bookworm1429 I think this also applies to the crap-i-forgot-to-brush-my-teeth feeling.

YES! I lay down about to fall asleep and my mouth tastes nasty.

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I wouldnt know because i dont were any.

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I accidentaly slept with them on one night, the next day my eyes were so puffy:(

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I sleep with them in all the time :p

I never forget cuz I am soooo blind that well its impossible for me to not notice the difference... if you get what i mean? but often i will realllly want to just go to sleep cuz i'm so comfy, but i know i have to take my contacts out still. :(

muahaha that's the beauty of contacts you can sleep in.

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i hate that! omg its the worst.

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I'm allowed to sleep in mine...
I know it's extremely bad for your eyes, but I've gone without taking them out for a month or two at a time.

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