Everyone says this generation is the worst, but the true worst generation was the generation of Hitler Youth, amirite?

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what about the people who stopped him. they were obviously better so the ratio of his generation was higher with good kids

could be considered the best due to the amount of people who had the courage to stop him.

Nope, they would be known as the "greatest generation"

I think OP is referring to that generation of germans. But I've been wrong before.

If you'd grown up being taught Nazi propaganda you'd believe it too. And the normal German citizens didn't exactly have a choice in the matter. If you weren't a part of the Nazi party you were generally killed. It was the very high-ranking Nazis and Hitler obviously that were the bad ones.

I doubt it because stupid teenagers today (not all) would care more about their looks and cellphones then people dying in Germany if that was current... And look how many people make fun of Jews and the Nazi force today, quite pathetic and I am ashamed of my generation.

And lots of those kids were brain-washed into that negative and murderous content, they didn't know better because they were raised like that. People also didn't want to get themselves or their families in trouble if they disobeyed the regulations of Germany. It is not as easy as it is thought to be.

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It's wrong to forget that many germans were not particularly anti-semitic and did nothing out of fear, but it's just as wrong to forget that many were. It wasn't ONLY the very high-ranking Nazis that were the bad ones.

My grandma was a butler youth. When she was thirteen she was FORCED to do very dangerous jobs or she would be killed. They had no choice, they weren't bad people.

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