Guys: There are three types of movies you watch. Movies with explosions, movies with hot women, and movies with both. amirite?

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Bro, don't forget the notebook. That shit's deep, man.

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Would a movie with exploding hot women count? or is that just a gore?

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I am a very straight girl and I like movies with explosions and hot girls because they always have hot guys in them too.

Explosions are also fun.

Shooter is a good movie, so is Death Race, and Snatch, and Boondock Saints (the first one)

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this amirite reminds me of transformers

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To quote a movie not known for its hot babes or explosions:

"To call you stupid would be an insult to stupid people. I've known sheep who could outwit you."

Nah, you left out comedies, dramas, and movies that are just really slick without explosions and hot women.

And don't forget, <insert something about gender stereotypes>.

there's movies with one or the other!?

I thought they both just always were in the same movie!

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The third one doesn't count because it has the other two types in it

Movies with taste and story? Well, I do anyways.

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