NEW MOON was wayyy better than Twilight, amirite?

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They both sucked.

@ClaireBear They both sucked.

The movies,yes. The books,no.

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@Taylorisafreak The movies,yes. The books,no.

If I remember correctly, the second book consisted of bella being mopey.

Yeah, but that's like saying malaria is wayyy better than dysentary...

New Moon was my favorite of the Twilight saga.

New Moon was my least favorite. It was a big disappointment , Edward not dying and all.

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The acting in New Moon was wayyy better than Twilight. As for the books I feel like the plot line for Twilight was better.

Yeah, because Edward left. It marginally improved the books. (Yes, I read them. They were terrible.)

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Taylor is not a freak!!!!!

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