Real men don't stand by the shower with thir arm in the path of the water waiting for the right temperature. They stand directly under the showerhead when they first turn it on, amd make a fist and scream, ''YEAH!'' when the water first hits them, amirite?

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Fuck yeah, that's how it goes down.

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I'm gonna do this from now on everytime I go for a shower...even though i'm a girl.

ForeverAScones avatar ForeverAScone Yeah You Are +5Reply

*and the knob should be either at the C side or the H side, nothing else in between.

bluscluss avatar blusclus Yeah You Are +4Reply

im a girl, but i had to fav this. hilarious.

x22s avatar x22 Yeah You Are +3Reply

I guess im not a real man

This cracks me up every time i read it x]

WhaddaPhoos avatar WhaddaPhoo Yeah You Are +2Reply

I want to do this now, even though I'm a girl.
And I don't do the first part either- I turn on the water and wait for the right temperature first.

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