Its so annoying when people buy a mac but only for the looks,amirite?

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They do look good ._.

@joeyeatworld They do look good ._.

yea but its a waste of money

@mack00234 yea but its a waste of money

i have one and its not. Its amazing, the looks is just a plus

haha i'm guilty of doing that a bit. but also because they're purely awesome.

Or even when people buy BlackBerry's just to say they have one.

yeahhh, mactards like that annoy me, and give the rest of us a horrible name.
I bought my mac because I love how all of the programs flow together super well and because it's fantastic with Final Cut Pro.

My dad bought one because he's technologically retarded and won't know how to handle viruses. He also has many computer nerd friends at his work.

That's why most people bought the iPhone

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I don't understand how that could annoy you?

Macs are awesome!

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And they look so sexy!

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I have a Mac because it's faster, has better programs, more power, and has more memory than a lot of PCs. It's also quite pretty.

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having a mac is more of a social status imo. "oh you have a mac, you must be uber cool like having a unicorn flying over a double rainbow."

jealous much?

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