a Rubix Cube is not as hard as it looks, amirite?

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The same repeated combinations solve any Rubix cube.

DanielJamess avatar DanielJames Yeah You Are +8Reply

I have better things to do than solve one of those... like stare at my computer screen.

You're right! It's harder than it looks!

Peeling off the stickers and putting them back in the right sequence is actually harder than it sounds.

Rubiks cube*
and omg! I just solve it Sunday for te first time and have been ever sense. It is pretty easy once you know the secrets.

Pugs avatar Pug Yeah You Are +1Reply

Really easy to do once you know how. Although it's harder to improve how fast you can do it. My fastest is 60 seconds but I can't solve it any faster.

dan94s avatar dan94 Yeah You Are 0Reply

On your own. But once you learn one of the methods, it's a breeze.

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