It's funny that we look back at songs 50 years ago and wonder 'what were they on when they wrote those songs,' but 50 years in the future they will look back and be like 'So what if
T-Pain was on a fucking boat!' amirite?

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Not so much the songs that were written 50 years ago, but the ones written 40 years ago (during the 70's), they were on all kinds of mind-altering drugs.
Which is why the songs make no sense, and the music videos are trippy.

I always kinda thought that we'd listen to hardcore rap in 50 years or so with our grandchildren and they something like "That's such a lame, old song! Get with the times!"

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i agree with the so what T-pain's on a boat part right now. we don't need fifty years to realize how stupid that song is.

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