It's annoying to be chatting with someone on FB and get a bunch of other people trying to chat with you at the same time, amirite?

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oh its so annoying that people want to talk with you... how rude of them

Lexs avatar Lex No Way +1Reply

I read this as "It's annoying that I'm so popular that lots of people want to talk to me." But that's just because I'm a cynical asshole.

The facebook chat always slows down my computer.

Oh, the thoughts of people these days...

Rockys avatar Rocky No Way 0Reply

I see what she means. Aha. Stupid idiots with so much ignorance and incompetence that they can't solve their own problem. But it slows down the computer so I shout at it going 'GAAAAAYYYY!' even though I am totally not a homophobe. :D

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