It's wierd how you can say "oh he's the white guy" and no one thinks anything of it but if you say "oh he's the black guy" everybody's on your ass about racism. amirite?

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When I was living in a predominately black neighborhood it wasn't uncommon to hear 'the white guy' because it pretty much narrowed down who you were talking about and nobody took offense, black or white.
When I was in an almost all white neighborhood, people would say 'the black kid' when talking about the few classmates that were black for the same reasons. I know I don't speak for all of us, but I'm black and I didn't take offense to it.

I don't see anything wrong with pointing out race as long as your not trying to use it as a way to demean or discriminate.

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And this has already been said.

Actually, I would and do think so.

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@oink Actually, I would and do think so.

well then you would treat the situation waaay differently than the general population

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I wasn't logged in but I don't feel like typing that all over so if you could just reply with this message instead if you're going to respond. Please? Thanks

It's racist both ways.

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@oink It's racist both ways.

you wouldn't think so with the way everyone treats those situations

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