People hate it when America goes to a country and helps defend its freedom, but if America was never here, the whole world would be speaking German right now under Kaiser Wilhelm the 8th, amirite?

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Hahahaha im american but i do recognize that we've been helped and we have helped/hurt other countries but we did help big time even though you held them off for a long time

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Who ever "No way"s this is an arogant european pansie

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Your welcome, and like I said, you guys would have been screwed if we haden't stepped in...

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(so am I) but if your defending those arrogant pansies, you are not a true Texan...

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America has never lost a war (except vietnam, cause the stupid hippies tied our hands) and just because we didn't win the war on our own, doesn't mean we couldn't have, and second, I am none of those 5 things you listed.

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Are you such a moron that you still believe the civil war was mainly about slavery? It was about states rights, Mr Abe used slavery to get people motivated...

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