People always say "Eminem is the best rapper." or "No, it's Lil Wayne." etc. but truth be told, none of them are. Mainstream rappers today rap for the brand and the money, not for the art. That's why it gets a bad rep, amirite?

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eminem is the best rapper for like the last 15 years, but before that, NWA takes the cake.

@JennaGee I disagree on the Eminem part, but NWA for sure.

his raps seam more real to me whereas most other rappers are really fake. he raps about his life but most rappers just rap about big rims, women, and weed.

what i really hate though is all the eminem posers now. you know the people who are all obsessed about eminem but have only ever heard his new ablum.

I actually do like Eminem, and I don't like any other rap. My sister is really into all rap, so no, I'm not closed to all other rap, I just don't like it if it's not Eminem.

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