winter is your favorite season, amirite?

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I adore everything about winter. The crisp air, the numbness in your cheeks, the shredding sound toboggans make, taking off your toque and realizing your hair's all messed up...

I'm weird, I know. But, I'm also Canadian, so maybe loving winter is in my genes. Summer's all hot and sticky, not to mention the whole bug issue. Spring's all slushy and gross, not to mention how
muddy streets get. Fall...well, I don't have an issue wih fall, it's just that winter is much better :)

cherryblasters avatar cherryblaster Yeah You Are +5Reply

I hate the cold. I prefer sweltering heat.

Pawns avatar Pawn No Way +5Reply

Second favorite, right under Fall.

I live in Florida so its always freakin hot! Winter is my favorite season cuz it drops like 20 degrees and its AMAZING.

EpicGymnasts avatar EpicGymnast Yeah You Are +1Reply

Yes, I love it when the girls walk around wearing 8 layers of clothes.

Summer 100%

_Jojo_s avatar _Jojo_ No Way -1Reply
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