It would be painfully embarrassing if you were a bank robber, and you went into a bank to rob it, but someone else was already there robbing it, amirite?

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I would just rob the robbers

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Maybe you could get into a rob fight.

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Been there, done that.

Kinda like The Adventures of Dick and Jane

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@540067 (KrugerOtto): @540067 (KrugerOtto):
@540067 (KrugerOtto): Sorry, in spanish it came out as 'Las Aventuras de Dick y Jane', I did doubt it but then i said naaaah

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Well, actually I wouldn't know because, although all the ads and stuff were in spanish, I watched it in english because I prefer it. I do wonder what they did in the part where they think he is an illegal immigrant and the kid answers 'hola'. :-)

That was in some movie, I don't remember the name of it... "We're holding up the bank!" "No, we're holding up the bank!"

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I would act like a hero coming to save the bank and take credit for stopping them :D

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