Your math teacher sucks at English and your English teacher sucks at math, amirite?

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My English Teacher sucks at English

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and they both suck at art.

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@and they both suck at art.

Do you include preforming arts? Because my drama teacher is also an English teacher.

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My math teacher today was talking about homework, and on his powerpoint it said, no joke:

"Late homework will not be excepted."

Oh yes.

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Strangely enough, history teachers are okay at science and science teachers are okay at history.

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My English teacher sucks at everything =P

So a math teacher at my school majored in English. She sucks at teaching math so much. It's very sad.

In high school my English and math teacher were married.

My maths teacher sucks at maths.

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My math teacher had a thick Asian accent, and my English teacher would try to show us how to average our scores but would say, "Im your English teacher for a reason" xD

Replace math with science and then i'll agree.
Actually, my science and english teachers are married and people find it funny how they can get along at all- being extremists in their subjects, but hating what the other does lol

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Actually, my math teacher was good at english (God bless her, R.I.P. Ms. Craig,) and my english teacher was VERY good at math! :)

Any other year, I would've agreed. But this year...well, my English teacher is a genius all-around, and my math teacher likes using big words for absolutely no reason. It's quite refreshing, really.

My english teacher majored in math, hahah :)

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One of our math teachers doulbe majored in math and music.

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