Everything's bigger in Texas!...except the IQs. amirite?

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Beeing frum Texas I dissagre.

As a Texan, I have to agree with this. xD

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@WingedRabbit As a Texan, I have to agree with this. xD

As an Oklahoman, I can't say we're much better.

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Being from Texas, I am butthurt. -.-

My Mum met someone from Texas that beleived 100% that Texas was bigger than Australia...

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The only thing bigger in Texas is Texas's ego.

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I find this a little offensive....

I like Texas, but there are a lot of...not so bright people here.

We actually have some of the top schools in the country, but that's a really awesome stereotype that you believe

We do have some pretty big idiots (and pretty big egos). But we also have lots of great musicians and some pretty good schools.

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The education system here sucks a fat one

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I'm from Texas, And I wholeheartedly agree xD

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