Procrastination is going to destroy the nation one day amirite?

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One day... Not today. Maybe tomorrow.

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@SitharaisKumar One day... Not today. Maybe tomorrow.

Literally laughed out loud at that. Okay, I giggled, but still. :)

@SitharaisKumar One day... Not today. Maybe tomorrow.

I was gonna post that. :'[

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I can't be jelly?

@ThisChick I can't be jelly?

Lulz, guys you can't put an arrow pointing to yourself that says "jelly" :o I am finding these secrets, like you cant post about GAME.

"Procrastination will destroy the nation." hmm smilie It has a nice ring to it, amirite?

"President, how should we respond to the imminent terrorist nuclear attack?"
"Declare a state of war and send troops to stop them."
"Ok, just sign these forms and we can give the orders."
"I should get on that... later."

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Then all that will be left is procrasti.

"President! We're under nuclear attack!"

Only if Nation= everybody but me

And when it does the revolution will begin...

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