the price you pay compared with the size of the hamburgers at MacDonald or KFC is too high, thats why the best place to eat hamburgers with an acceptable price and size its at burger king, amirite?

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I didn't think KFC made burgers. Except that Double Down monstrosity.

But I hate Burger King. Tastes nasty.

In-N-Out beats all.

Yeah, but their food tastes like crap cooked in grease.

OR you could try eating some real food

Burger King always leaves a terrible aftertaste

No! Burger King puts mayo on their burgers. Mayo! Blech.

five guys burgers and fries is 4 bucks for like the size of 8 mcdonalds burgers

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A burger king whopper with cheese has more than double the amount of cals a McDonald's big Mac has!

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KFC don't make HAMburgers, although I have to say:
KFC>Every other fast food chain.


sonic. you pay more than at mcd's, but the quality and tastiness is significantly better.

no way burger king rules! :D i love the ice cream there although it tastes the same at MacDonald and KFC :P

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