tons of kids complain about how much they hate school but five days a week they get up and go back to school,amirite?

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we usually do it because #1 its against the law not to #2 our parents make us.

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we have no choise, we have to go to school.

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@we have no choise, we have to go to school.

I assume go to school, but what's the point if you don't learn anything?
Choice is spelt with a c.

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I hate how you guys do that...
You do have a choice, it's just the other one is even worse.
My bro dropped out in yr 8 (yeah it's illegal *yawn) and well he had to get a job. He hates it even more than he hated school.
That's why we go to school, you can't get fired and the worst thing to happen is getting expelled. There's another in the next street anyway.

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