No one shops at hollister or abercrombie anymore so you haven't gone in the store in a while.. And when you eventually do, you expect all the clothes to finally be in style, but it's just the same! Dark and smelly. amirite?

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I always feel like I should bring a flashlight when I go to Hollister. I mean, I like their shirts and sweatpants, but I always feel like I'm practically walking around in the dark.

Hollister Ftw.

I honestly don't see why people hate on these stores...ok, Abercrombie is very fragrant, but Hollister isn't that bad and not super expensive. Go ahead, attack me. I won't respond anyways.

@crazyllamas I'm honestly not totally against the stores, I used to shop there, but where I live, we all shop at buckle now and no one goes to them any more

I just think its dumb to walk around with a brand name plastered all over your clothes... like when i pick up a shirt that has "abercrombie" all across the front, Im tempted to go to the register and ask how much they will pay me every time i wear the shirt, since im advertising. i only buy jeans there :)

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