There's two types of freshmen. The ones who walk on the wrong side of the hall, think there soo cool, and don't know how to shut up. The other types hates them as much as everybody else. amirite?

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the grammar mistakes in this sentence make me cringe. Sorry but i have to correct. there are, they're, *hate


I'm the type who hate them as much as everyone else. We can be so annoying sometimes... -_-

I hate my class. As a freshman, I went to class relatively quickly and avoided upperclassmen. Plus, I didn't want to be associated with people who tumor'd in the hallways.

When i was a freshman my sister was two years older and her and her friends would always make fun of the freshmen who thought they were soo cool and hung out with upperclassmen because the second the freshmen would leave the upperclassmen would just make fun of them.

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@When i was a freshman my sister was two years older and her and her friends would always make fun of the freshmen...

Well...not if they're good friends with the upperclassmen. Not everyone is like that

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Yeah, I'm the second time. On the first day of school my friends just like "We're freshmen!" My response was something like "Right, we're the bottom of the barrel. Don't go shouting that from the rooftops!" I think I was a bit nicer though...
also, at orientation there were some guys behind me that were like "yeah, he asked me to be on varsity lacross, basketball, tenis, and every other sport in existance"
they also said "I'm gonna walk into school the first day and be like 'hey'"
They were both freshmen. It was funny :P

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I'm a freshman too and it just annoys the hell out of me how cool we think we are. I mean, I don't think I'm cool (:P) but a lot of other freshmen do and it makes me soooo mad.

I just stay silent, and tell my neighbor that he should please refer to me as a sophmore...cause my class is like the worst class there is on drugs and sex. Its ridiculous

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Aha, I'm a freshman. But I don't date freshmen guys (for this very reason) and I made a lot more friends with the upperclassmen. :)

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You seem like one of those people. No 'fense.

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