I want to know About A Girl, but I wish she had Been A Son. I'm so bipolar, You Know You're Right; I'll just take some Lithium. I may be Dumb, but you smell; Smells Like Teen Spirit. I really like you, we have such a Love Buzz; but Where Did You Sleep Last Night? Oh, Son Of A Gun! I had an Aneurism yesterday, during one of my Tourette's episodes. I wish you'd Rape Me, but I'm such a Downer, ami... amirite?

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I love you.

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@I love you.

Well, that's nice. You seem pretty cool too. If you make an account you can add me.

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That's so cool! xD

@Rainbow35 That's so cool! xD

Thanks. Rainbows are really cool, by the way.

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