Those who think that Christians belief in God as an Intelligent Designer are ignorant to modern science should research the complexities of the human body and mind, amirite?

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But why the Christian God? Why not Zeus? Or any of the other thousands of ancient gods that have come and gone?

I consider myself to be generally open-minded, so we have to consider things like this. Intelligent Design is as valid a theory as any other, but it doesn't have enough empirical evidence to carry itself against other theories. It's an interesting ideal, however we can only go on what we observe and not our inferences. It may seem logical that something as complex as the universe had to be designed, however I think experience has taught us that the seemingly "common sense" answers are not always the right ones.

Just because you don't understand how the complexities of the human body have evolved, doesn't mean you can just decide some magical man designed us. Who designed the designer? and why would he design us so imperfectly?

I must have written this years ago, and certainly don't hold this opinion any more; based on reason an observation alone, there are certainly many explanations that one could posit to the wonders of the world. You look at the human body and may see a miracle of nature, whereas I look at the human body and see the ineffable intelligence of an omnipotent creator.
To my understanding, while wonders such as the human body don't suffice as proof of The Father, they function powerfully as evidence of Him and His nature. While alone they are weak evidences, when you acknowledge the accumulation of these probabilities (to use the words of John Henry Newman) with miracles, and visions from which follow such inexplicable phenomena as Our Lady of Guadelupe and Lourdes, it becomes increasingly difficult to say that the one who uses perfect reason can conclude that there is no God.
Years later, I apologize for accusing people who didn't agree with my reasonings of being ignorant, certainly it was me being the ignorant one. I hope that you have not assembled an image of Christians based on the ignorance I demonstrated in this post years ago.

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