People who get all depressed if they get one B+ out of all straight A's need to get a freaking life, stop complaining, and be happy with their grades. They did well enough, so WHAT it's not a 4.0, like it even matters. amirite?

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Don't be ignorant

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@Don't be ignorant

@72720 (Anonymous): what do you meaaaan?

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@thirstypigs17 @72720 (Anonymous): what do you meaaaan?

Getting straight A's in high school can really impact what college you go to, which whether or not people are willing to admit- ultimately plays a huge deciding factor in many other aspects of your future.
So, yes, a B+, while it is still a noble grade, can negatively effect a 4.0 GPA, which can really hurt a college application- especially with all the competition surrounding admissions nowadays.

All of this does not even go to mention the situation with parents that was bought up below.

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Some parents (mine, for example) make it a big deal.

Getting straight A's really will help you get into the best collages with scolarships, then you can get a really good job and have an even better life. getting a 4.0 does matter. You might regret saying all this stuff in the future when all the nerds with no life are doctors and veterinarians and have all these good paying jobs that they enjoy doing, all because of that 4.0 and straight A's.

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