Some people just dont know how good they have it. Some people are homeless. Some are going through terrible divorces. Some have tragically lost loved ones. And especially today people are mourning because they lost loved ones on 9/11 and some people dont even care. This is terrible. amirite?

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I can't feel anything for people I've never met. I'm not going to care about the victims of 9/11 now because they're dead if I wouldn't have cared about them alive. People die every day. The victims of 9/11 aren't better than everyone else who dies because of the situation. I didn't know them and I cannot mourn them. It's just as pointless as someone else taking a drink of water and I said "Mmm,t that's refreshing." I'm not the one drinking the water and it isn't affecting me. My friends didn't die in9/11 and so I couldn't care less about 9/11.

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Please stop telling everyone were suffering and that people should care, maybe its just me but I find it more annoying that people like you think we need to be given special attention.
Except the starving and homeless people.

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