dont you hate it how americans think that all australians ride around on kangaroos and live in the outback and have a strong australian acent and play the digeridoo? (im australian!) amirite?

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im australian, and i was talking to a guy from england the other day, and after finding out i was australian, he goes whoa! so you have a pet kangaroo? face palm

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Mmm, its very annoying. Although, its not just America but Americans are one of the main people on sites liek this one so they are often the people we are talking to, therefore the ones who say it.

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Im american .. & i dont think that .

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haha i think only australian's understand this. i am australian btw. it's hard for other people to comprehend :)

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I'm american and I don't think that either. I've never even heard of digeridoo? And I hate how when people hate something americans say or do...they don't realize there are tons of other countries that do it too.

Wait!! are u saying that itæs not true!?! o.o

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i dont mean all americans (sorry if i offended you) and i no like french people do it as well but in american movies and stuff (lol i no thats not ur fault either :P) they do it alot, it pisses us australians off coz life is the same over here as it is over there alrite and btw wats a itaes??

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I don't think they actually think that. I have yet to come across an American who thinks I live in an igloo with a pet beaver (I'm Canadian). I think when Americans (or anyone from any country) put stuff like that in movies or whatever, it's supposed to be humorous, not taken seriously.

i dont think you guys no wat i mean so dw :P and i dont think canadians are like that, partially coz my uncle and aunty live over there and i have seen fotos of their canadian house. and yer they mean it seriously

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thankyou i love you :) haha jks if that freaks you out ;) LOL

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I hope you realize you're only talking to a small minority of dumbass Americans. Most of us aren't that ignorant.

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@I hope you realize you're only talking to a small minority of dumbass Americans. Most of us aren't that ignorant.

It is true that A LOT of Americans sterotype Australians as being bogans. Just because you may not be included in the magority of people who do steroptype, doesn't mean that you have to completely deny the concept. It happens, so just get over it; Briannah is right and your not.
P.S. I assume that more than half the American population believes that us Australians all say 'Gidday Mate!', have pet kangaroos and wear cork hats where ever we go. Thankfully, we are more civilised than that

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I'm Australian, and I know most people don't stereotype Australia. It's kinda our fault, because of publising things like Crocodile Dundee and Steve Irwin.

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