No, the worst response to "I love you" is not "thank you". It's "I love..cake" amirite?

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that seventies show for the win, my friend!!!

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You don't think the worst response to I love you would be something like 'Fuck you you small dicked piece of shit I've been using you for your money for the last 3 years.'?

I love lamp?

"Cake is good, but you cannot have sex with cake."

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I love U2 or I love YouTube?!?!?!

"I know." is pretty awkward >.<

@popcorn_freak "I know." is pretty awkward >.<

I was going to say that (in a comment, not to a person)

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That'd be so awkward in my friend's situation right now...she used to call her ex "cake" :/

I used to tell that to my boyfriend, but he'd get upset and tell me to go marry cake, (x

I think the worst response would be "I love... dicks in the butt."

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