Life would be so much better/easier if we had no desire/need for sleep. Think about all the extra/free time we'd have, amirite?

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woah there with the slashes

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@woah there with the slashes

HAHA first thing I noticed

@flats HAHA first thing I noticed

sorry, when i posted i didn't even realize...

But think about how many dreams we would miss out on :. But then we'd miss out on nightmares too...

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It'd be a lot/way better if you didn't have so damn/dang many slashes in there/that sentence.

But yes, you are right.

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But, School will probably be longer =(

But then they'd make school and work and stuff much more longer.. =/

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whats with all the / in there?

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okay edward cullen

Then we'd never get the chance to dream...get away from reality. Maybe if we could sleep less, that would be good. But no sleep at all would be bad.

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