Joe has a hard time sitting still in class and disrupts students. 1950s: He goes to the office, gets a good paddling by the principal, goes back to class, and doesn't disrupt class again. 2000s: Given huge doses of Ritalin. He becomes a zombie. He's tested for ADD. School gets extra money from the state because apparently he has a disability. amirite?

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ADHD is not behavioral and so it cant be punished away. The kid may refrain from disrupting class but the core problems that go with the diagnosis would be untreated. My three younger siblings have it (as well as bipolar). It is a chemical unbalance in the brain. I can tell my siblings do not think/behave in the same way as their peers and the meds they are on do help. I do think it is over diagnose in some and meds are handed out too readily.

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