...if only the low expectations given to me, and all other teenagers, were not so easy to give into... amirite?

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im done with lowering my standards i have for myself. i will no longer live below my ability level, and im done with the low expectations adults assume we need. teenagers have a lot of talent, and im sick of wasting mine. it's time for me to thrive and use my life for something. it's time to live & set my talents free (:

it's never too soon to shift out of shapeless idleness, run from the past, and finally fall into the comfort of new chances.

i want to use my teenage years as years in which i use to launch the rest of my life. as many teens waste this time, i want to be striving & becoming the me i want to be. the most valuble years of my life won't be wasted, opportunities will not be lost. i have broken free of the lies holding me down, the chains that low expectations have wrapped around my own self are gone. im free to thrive, free to be me.

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