When you were in 4th grade, the stories about Barney going to jail, a kid dying from running into a chalkboard to find chalkzone, and a kid drowning while trying to find spongebob all seemed perfectly reasonable, amirite?

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i always heard about the kid who cut his stomach open because he thought he had a tv in it like a teletubby.

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We went to school in an old building, so there was always "The ghost of PS DuPont~~" She'd killed herself by jumping off of the attic. It was crazy man, we were all afraid of this one door.

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Wait, evidence of Chalkzone kid and Spongebob kid?

@YoureARobot I don't have evidence. Do you?

No. Im asking. Ive never heard of it o.o

@ThePieRow No. Im asking. Ive never heard of it o.o

Oh. In my school kids would always be like "Chalkzone isn't on air anymore because some kid decided to go to Chalkzone and he drew a circle on a chalkboard and ran into and he DIED" and everyone believed you.

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I only heard the first one... but to this day I always thought it was true...

In Year Four, we had this cupboard thing that everyone thought this guy hung himself in. These stories sound cooler, though.

I thought barney got arrested for storing cigarettes in his tail!

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