The good thing about being in honors classes is that you won't have to put up with the stupid popular kids that don't give shit about school, and act really annoying, amirite?

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Agreed. Some of them still manage to make it into honors/AP though, which is annoying.

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All of the "popular" kids at my school are actually smart and take those classes. Believe it or not, there are people who can be likeable, smart, and friendly. It doesn't have to be one or the other. I hate stereotypes.

At my school most popular people are in honors classes or even AP classes - which is part of the reason I hate those classes.

i agree, and in my regular class, a lot of people slack off and are obnoxious....(but not everyone's like that)

I took a bunch of advanced classes, but regular Alg 2 instead of advanced so i could have one easier class. It's full of all those kids that I've pretty much never interacted with. But they're not that bad.

Honors at my school is a joke...you have to be REALLY stupid to be in CP classes (lower than honors). I can't wait until I can take AP classes so I don't have to deal with the annoying, obnoxious people at my school

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Yet somehow they all got to my history class.

at my school the "populars" are in the honors and AP classes.

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Quote from a "popular" person who happens to be in my Honors English class: "A verb? That's like a describing word, right?"

Popular kids are more likely to be in honors classes than non.

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Literally everyone in my english class does drugs, I hate it. That's part of the reason why I took honors classes next year, so I wouldn't get with people like that.

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There are popular kids in all class levels at my school. There's no escape, really.

That would have been nice in middle school. Now I go to a huge school (2000 kids) and there isn't really a popular crowd because no one is known by everyone.

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In my school, honors kids is stuck with the same people for every class, every year. It gets to their heads and i can honestly say, those "annoying, popular" kids are actually way nicer and real than anyone in honors.

Bullshit. Honors classes are a joke. It's being watered down so dumbasses can take it. If you take honors , you'll procasinate to the point you won't bother to do your work at all. Even the smartest people I know procasinate ALL THE TIME! If you take regular, you'll just slack off or don't do any work at all. Schools should just get rid of honors classes.

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In your freshman and sophomore year at my high school, honors classes are not selective at all. Honors lit in my freshman year was a step down from my eighth grade class, no joke. When you get to AP that's when all the idiots are finally filtered out.

I'm considered popular at my school, and I'm not stupid. I am also in Honors English.

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