The worst feeling in the world is having chapped lips and no chapstick, amirite?

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Sometimes when I'm being stabbed to death I stop and think, hey, this could be worse. My lips could be chapped

or ya know like.. finding out you have cancer.. i hear that's pretty bad too

The worst feeling in the world
must be when you insert a
compressor nozzle through a
puncture into your skin and it
blows you up like a balloon. Or
being one of the last of two
people of the opposite sex alive
and you're sterile. Or having
gone through chemo treatment
and a bone marrow transplant,
and finding out you'd been

Nah, chapped
lips are just fucking horrible.

I don't know I heard the Jews had it pretty bad..

That feeling's bad but definitely not the worst in the world.

Kidney stones are pretty bad.

Never used it never will, i think if you don't use it your lips don't get chapped as easily, mine never do

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Next time, word your post better. If you say that something like that is "the worst feeling in the world/ever", you're going to get comments like the ones above.

Maybe the post should have started out as,"One of the worst..." instead of "the worst." :P

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