I hate it when people think it's "dirty" to not shower for a few days when I have deodorant. It's the 21st century people... amirite?

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Exactly. Even if you're in a situation with no tub/shower for a few days, you still grab a freakin cloth or something and scrub the sweaty spots... deodorant is NOT sufficient.

You do not need to shower every day. You need to let your skin and hair have their natural oils for a while. Every other day is perfectly fine. Our generation is so obsessed with keeping everything "clean"...taking showers twice a day and only using clothes once before you wash them. If you're one of those people: if you're not sweating in the shirt and there aren't any stains on it YOU CAN WEAR IT AGAIN. What an incredible waste of water all this is. A little dirt don't hurt. Get sick and dirty sometime; it'll strengthen all of your weak ass immune systems.

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Deodorant doesn't clean your hair, or wash off dirt, or kill bacteria and shit.

Successful troll is successful.


Deodorant doesn't fix all. That is disgusting not to shower for a few days.

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That's a lot like saying "Why should we brush our teeth when we have mints?"

Yeah. it's gross and all. But it's actually health to not shower for a couple of days.

Haha ew.

It depends. I take a shower every other day because I don't sweat/stink and my hair doesn't get greasy. I think if your body can take it even every 2 days is fine.

Every other day, if you don't stink or look mangy, is fine. Especially if you live in a cold climate, hot showers dry out your skin a lot, unless you have the self discipline to take cold showers your skin needs a break. And it saves water, honestly do you know how many gallons of water you use in one shower?

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And Victoria Secret made that dry shampoo! What could be more sexier than that?

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Derp Post of the Week!

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No. That's just gross. You will smell. Even if you think you can cover up your smell, you can't. You'll just have several days' smell on you PLUS the deodorant and that's even worse.

Sounds like youre just lazy.

Dirty anon.

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You must be black...

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