Most kids who were/are homeschooled have zero social skills, amirite?

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I know at least 6 home schooled kids, and they're absolutely awesome.

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@fonziekj52 I know at least 6 home schooled kids, and they're absolutely awesome.

So do I, but they're all really weird. It's kind of sad though, because it's not their fault. Their parents just don't let them socialize...

not true, more like 15% have no social skills. it depends on who guides them through homeschooling/independant studies.

Ya know how homeschooled kids are disproportionately in boy scout/sports teams/whatever? They can find social lives outside of school.

One of my best friends was home schooled. She turned out just fine

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My little brother is home-schooled, and he's very social. I, on the other hand, went to a state school, and I am quite a socially awkward person.

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My homeschooled friends are more social than I am.

Most homeschooled kids are actually better socially than kids who attend a traditional school.

It seems so backwards, but as long as the parent is willing to teach in an effective way and the kid is willing to learn, homeschooling is really the better option all around.

Facts: they're fun.

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That moment where someone who went to school makes a biased generalization about how homeschooled kids have no social skills.

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Most I know wouldn't survive in public school. But im homeschooled and errybody knows my at the local high school.

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