Youtube: the oldest, popular child everyone knows and loves. Amirite: the middle, lesser known child who asks for everyone's opinion. MLIA: the annoying, younger child that lies all the time, amirite?

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FML, the emo adopted child that everything bad seems to happen too.

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And Google the old and wise grandfather.

And the youngest twins, GMH and LGMH, the goody two-shoes that everyone thinks are so cute and are so sappy about

FML- The dark and sensitive emo child who complains about everything.
Facebook- The loud outgoing child who has hundreds of friends, can't spell, and is obsessed with telling people things they don't give a shit about.

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Haha WTF this is just like my post on macs windows and Linux......

Taters avatar Tater No Way +2Reply

LFMF: the crazy uncle who should probably plan things ahead a little more.

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Ah, but Youtube sold itself a couple years ago. And it's become very self-conscious, so it changes it's appearance constantly.

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isnt this a repeat?

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@isnt this a repeat?

No, I checked first. It's original.

_lalalaxs avatar _lalalax Yeah You Are 0Reply

I just looked back on my Windows post and.....
Way to steal the first sentence and the wording.

Taters avatar Tater No Way -2Reply
@Tater I just looked back on my Windows post and..... Way to steal the first sentence and the wording.

Look, I've never even seen your post. I have never read it or anything. So there's no need to get your panties in a bunch about it. If it makes you feel better, then I'll look at your post to see whatever the heck you're talking about. But I did NOT steal your post, so please stop littering mine with your false accusations, thank you.

_lalalaxs avatar _lalalax Yeah You Are +3Reply
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