It sucks when you get a craving for a food that was discontinued, amirite?

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Those things=my childhood.

CrazyKKs avatar CrazyKK Yeah You Are +5Reply

I crave 3D Doritos every freaking day!

Supper4dinners avatar Supper4dinner Yeah You Are +2Reply

philadelphia cheesecake bars. that is all.

@yddraigarian philadelphia cheesecake bars. that is all.

YES. Omg, I would do horrible things for those to come back :(

Oh my god. Wonderballs, and CHOCOLATE JIFF was my life.

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My favorite Ben&Jerry's flavor was discontinued. They need to bring back Vermonty Python.

Stepharoos avatar Stepharoo Yeah You Are 0Reply

The m&m candybar D:!

Ittzelnomnoms avatar Ittzelnomnom Yeah You Are 0Reply

Fruitopia!! Ahh I miss that drink it was my favorite :(

NARNIAs avatar NARNIA Yeah You Are 0Reply

Vanilla Aeros .-.

Anonymous 0Reply
@Vanilla Aeros .-.

We still get those in South Africa :D

Anonymous 0Reply

BN biscuits

Anonymous 0Reply

butterfinger b b's :(

flatss avatar flats Yeah You Are 0Reply
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