Club penguin has become a porn website, amirite?

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Be careful when someone invites you to their igloo and u guys are all alone.

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Yup. And on the 3rd day, God created the bazooka, ao we could fight the dinosaurs. And the homosexuals. ;)

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When I used to play it, all anyone would do was try to stand next to you, neak-to-beak like y'all were kissing... It was retarded. XD

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Why didn't someone tell me this earlier?
...no wonder my mom didn't like when I played it.

My little sister was just on there and this one person said, "If you have big balloons say 'I'".

@ASWCC how?

A penguin just asked me to make a baby

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I heard one kid got stalked, raped, and killed after they agreed to meet a friend penguin who was like 40 creepy right poor parents though

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this penguin was humping an agent

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My penguin is bann

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I play on it sometime one peguin said if u want a big disco stick come to my iggy and I went to see what it was about there was a whole bunch og girl penguins pretending to have sex with this guy penguin soi report him then left

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Yes young setchuaun.

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@Epicness Yes young setchuaun.

Second base is for second dates, sweetie!

muffinmonkeys avatar muffinmonkey Yeah You Are +1Reply

WHAAAT??? Club Penguin? Holy Crap!

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