People always rant about Twihards being obsessed with their books, but in reality, Christians are far worse: they memorize their book and read it every day, they pray to their main character and believe that he is their father and they sing to him, and they have multiple holidays celebrating their book and its characters, whereas Twihards only talk about their book a lot, amirite?

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Twihards don't believe that their book is real. Christians do. Nuff said.

Christians are at least celebrating a book with a good story and excellent morals. Even if you aren't Christian it is good.

Twilight has a human glitter accident.

@crazyllamas Not all Christians believe that.

Exactly. I am Christian, and I say that being gay is perfectly acceptable.
Now, correct my if I am wrong (and please do I encourage it) but isn't it the Pope who has the whole homosexuality is wrong campaign?

@inperson t@632270 (tododapurplecow): excellent morals mean persecute the gays ?

Never says that. The bible is obscure in places, just as extremest can twist the (Qu'ran? I forget) to there own personal uses, you can twist the words of Jesus and his disciples to mean things that aren't intended.

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