with jails feeding people food, you don't know why homeless people don"t just kill someone to have a place to live, its sad but true, amirite?

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Indeed, some people also spend so much time in jail they do not know how to function outside of jail-many break parole to get back in. So really there is nothing very 'rehabilitating' about it. If prisons were rehabilitating, most inmates (some actually do tho) would be able to re-enter society smoothly. Another large problem is drug addicts, they send em to jail and they just stay addicted-because they can get drugs in jail. I think addicts should be sent to intense in-patient facilities instead of jail-so they can get better. Our prison system is none other than a vicious cycle people keep going though, and its wasting our tax money.

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Also the fact that if you couldn't get a job before you sure as hell can't after that.

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True story, in my down there used to be a judge who would take the homeless every winter and put them in jail so they would get food and warmth.

Some do lesser crimes like breaking and entering just so they can go to jail.

I would totally do something like that.
Not MURDER. I could never murder someone.
But, I'd probably do something like save up my beggar money and buy a lot of drugs.

A lot of homeless people WILL commit crimes to get in jail; if they see a police officer nearby they'll steal someone's purse so they'll have somewhere to sleep.

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