why can black people use the "n" word and it's cool and for everyone else is racist? amirite?

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It's racial slur - it's racist no matter who says it.

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I don't think it's a bad word, personally.
In fact, I use it as a term of affection. I wouldn't mind any person of any colour calling me it if they meant it in a friendly, joking way.
But I have to admit most blacks would automatically think a white person saying it meant it with malicious intent. Alot of blacks are still sensitive about the whole slavery thing and KKK. So..it probably isn't going to change anytime soon.

Black people need to stop with the word nigga this n that n they want to cry when a white guy uses it. if it wasnt for white people u wouldnt of came to america n have the life you do know be happy that you guys made us america from u being slaves. so Your welcome , also stop blaming white people for us putting you too slavery because ur OWN people sold you too us soo fuck you stop crying poland people r techncily white and they were slaves too Hitler in the cold war. also the jewish people were also slaves too hitler you dont see them holding it agaist everyone. go ahead n blame white people for corruption because i dont like them too their all corrupted also other races have their flaws so STFU n just be urself n if you wanna say something then fucking say it it wouldnt Conspicious looking fuckers ?just say

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