It's sad that the year is 2010 and we still have so many people going to war and killing each other over mythological characters and fairy tales used to dominate society by the aristocracy since since time immemorial. All that money, time and resources can be spent on ACTUALLY improving the planet. The future is going to look back and facepalm at us! amirite?

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100% agree. Hahaha facepalm

@Friday_Night_Lights 100% agree. Hahaha facepalm

We all know the Flying Spaghetti Monster is the one TRUE god, who's son Raptor Jesus went extinct for all our sins....anyone who doesn't believe this should repent and be given 1,000 lashes with a shoe string.

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@Friday_Night_Lights LMAO. Its all good though, chicks dig scars.

Chicks dig Bad Boys too and Tattoos but we all know one lands you in jail and the other one fucks up your career possibilities. Eventually all Chicks only dig money! :P

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@Friday_Night_Lights ^ smart man lol

It's the only way to live... besides most women don't know wtf they want, so why change yourself to appease them? just be you! ;) I'll be an Atheist even if chicks were to only dig Church Choir boys one day. lol

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