When you think about it, it is kind of hard to describe how to pee, amirite?

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First, why would you be thinking about it, second, why would you have to explain this to someone

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"Sit down and let loose. Just wait. Yes, I know the toilet seat is cold, but you get used to it. Just wait as you feel the liquid leave your body. Yes, yes it is relieving. Once silence hits, you are finished."

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Yeah, I know but I can't afford to do that kinda stuff. The economy really put me in a bad place and..and..you know how it is.

@FrankOcean We all understand. Don't you worry a bit.

It's so refreshing to know that there are people like you guys in the world. It gives me hope that I can make it through this hard time in my life. Thanks guys.

"I discovered using the potty isn't that hard. So first, you place both feet firmly on the bowl, grab onto the edges, squat, and calmly socialize. Did you know, using the potty is a great time to socialize?!? You jut lean over and say 'hello fellow gent! First time using the potty too, mate? Oh, good luck sir.' when you ate done with your business, you unfasten the side latches, and let the diaper fall into the potty! See, that wasn't too difficult, eh?"


How is it hard? You don't even have to try. In fact it's harder to hold it than it is to actually just pee, lol.

You've got me discussing how to pee, thanks a lot.


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My friend asked me how girls pee once and I had no idea how to answer.

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