For people that are in band, it seems like their personality is reflected by their instrument. Flute players are usually girly and timid, trumpet players are cocky and loud, clarinet players are quiet and nerdy, tuba players are quiet and cool, saxophone players are pretty normal, percussion is usually serious, yet awesome in their own way, and trombone players are funny and loud, amirite?

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I've been playing flute for nine years, and never have I met a timid fellow flute player. Girly, yes, but not timid. (Though I'm neither girly nor timid.)

But percussionists are the best bangers. ;D

@Skyline But percussionists are the best bangers. ;D

not at my school in fact one time they played right my band director near threw a parade

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pretty much right, but us percussionists.... we be ballers.

I know a sexy sax player ;]

@Charmasu I know a sexy sax player ;]

I think the sax players are the most popular guys, but girls are normal. Those guys are mostly pretty darn good looking :)

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@They play the "sexyphone." Haha middle school inside joke

um no offense but that is not an inside joke that is actually the most said joke about sexophones

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I'm sad, you forgot the baritones. We are the cocky and lazy people but everybody likes us. (Which we proved with a vote.)

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The trumpets at my school are so weird they're all quiet and reserved. The flutes are usually pretty cool except for this one kid. French horns and oboes are...I don't even know how to accurately describe them but not in a bad way. Trombones are special and need help sometimes but we love them anyway. Clarinets are crazy in a good way and think that their always right (which is why it's so funny to watch two of them argue.) Saxes can be the center of attention with out even trying. Tubas are laid back, funny, and annoying all at the same time. And last but not least we euphoniums don't always use our brains and we can be loud mouths but when we're in control we're not too bad.

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The drummers in my school are exactly the opposite- they're extremely immature. Lol, and I play the flute but I'm not really shy..

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Tuba players? That's what the fat ass misfits at my school play.

@PeterWesco Tuba players? That's what the fat ass misfits at my school play.

All the acne ridden fuckwads and ghetto kids play tuba at ours. We hate them.

SO TRUE. woah. my friends are in band and they are the epitome of this.

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You forgot the pit! They're kind of like...percussionists' cousins. I'm not sure what I count as, I did both pit and drums. O.o

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What, no love for the oboe?

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omg....This totally describes our band! Except for the tubas, they have the same personality as our tromboners :)

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My band is only like 25 people...
And all of them are weird and wacky. In the good way.

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french horns are unique and chill. everybody secretly wants to be them.

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The only french horn player in my band is practically emo... which is pretty strange.

Honestly that describes our band perfectly.

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my boyfriends a percussionist and hes FAR from serious. Far from it.

Haha, I play the flute and me and my friend Susan are by far the loudest players.

So I am loud and funny but normal? I play saxophone and trombone. I want to play tuba! I feel like a Pokemon master, because I want to 'catch them all', or learn and buy all the instruments. I think I have a problem.

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@So I am loud and funny but normal? I play saxophone and trombone. I want to play tuba! I feel like a Pokemon...

um why tuba because you already have low brass with trombone why not trumpet

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Ok I see how it is.Leave out the baritone and melophone players, thats cool too.

Ok, guys. I got this. Marching Band peeps, ONLY.

Flutes- curious, giggly, studious
Piccolos- annoying, not humble, leader
Clarinets- silly, ditzy, quiet at times
Saxophones- neutral, calm, witty
Bass Clarinets- odd, foolish, shy
Oboes- quirky, smart, unique
Trumpets- loud, obnoxious, the life of the party
French Horns/Mellophones- anything but average, reserved, funny
Trombones- nerdy, friendly, fairly quiet
Baritones- weird, shy, don't smile very often
Tubas- sarcastic, athletic
Snares- bossy, independent, moody
Tenors- focused, enjoy what they do, loyal
Basses- crazy, like to be alone, talkative
Pit- secretive, strange, down-to-earth
Drum Majors- serious, good players, friendly

But I mean, this is just based off of my band and what I see in other bands.

Switch the clarinet & flute personalities and switch the trumpet & saxophone personalities and it describes our band perfectly

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clarinets in my school= LOUD.
sax= like...not "normal" people. Theyre chillllllllzzz

Sax: loud, flutes and clarinets: quiet, trombones: shy, trumpets: serious, other instruments in my schos band: 7/11 5¢ candies

Sax: Random, loud, and funny


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Clarinets rnt that quiet tho. They're weirder in my section

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And french horns= awkward quiet kids

@NoPostOnSundays And french horns= awkward quiet kids

french horns = cool kids who talk a lot but nobody cares because they are good

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we can all tell what instrument you play.

i play the flute... and im one of the loudest people in the entire band, and im not timid AT ALL.

Ok, 1. don't generalize instrumental players by whats at your school. I was been a band student for 8 years, through middle and highschool, and found many different types of people on instruments.
2. often enough, an instrument can't tell you about a personallity. I've seen a variety of people play a variety of instruments. even guys playing flutes and girls playing trombone.

3. Tubas are the back bone of the band who's bass sound holds the rest up. many different kinds play tuba, all of whom the band can not do without. I played tuba and let me ask you, can you carry a brass intrument on your shoulders while marching across a field and trying to play a song you had to memorize at the same time?

@dragons_scorn Ok, 1. don't generalize instrumental players by whats at your school. I was been a band student for 8 years...

i know right ,in my band class, the tubas are the bass because the percussionists can't play for the life

I had to NW because of the trumpets. I know for a fact it's not true.

Percussion is cool and funny.

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Ahaha...my ex-boyfriend plays the flute. 'Cept I suppose most people would classify him as feminine...

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Percussion is the only thing percussionists take seriously...

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@superliiiga Percussion is the only thing percussionists take seriously...

only in one out of 6 classes is that true at my school

Well apparently our school is special. Our percussion is unorganized and never focused. Our saxophones are serious. Our trumpets and French horns are obnoxious and pervy. Our tubas are complete band geeks, but they are awesome to hang out with. Our trombones like to joke around, but they know when to be serious. Our clarinets are awesome, but kind of awkward. Our flutes are super annoying and never stop talking; our band director throws his baton at them because they won't stop talking.

The saxophone is for the jazzy, outgoing, yet chill people. I wouldn't exactly call them normal.

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You see it in bandS too. Like, the guitarist thinks hes the man, the bassist is as chill as fuck, the singer is an attention seeker, and the drummer is over-passionate.

This is all true except the tuba player. It's the lonely fat ass that no one likes who plays the tuba.

Isn't it just easier to label all of them as nerds?

@LAKERSoverHEAT Isn't it just easier to label all of them as nerds?

@707884 (LAKERSoverHEAT): Not really, you can find people in band from all high school clicks. From nerds, to preps, to gangstas, all of them come together for the love of music.

@LAKERSoverHEAT Isn't it just easier to label all of them as nerds?

Our band is really small (about 20 people). We have 2 soccer players, 2 runners, 2 cheerleaders, a football player, and a wrestler. We also have people who aren't nerds, but some of the most popular people in the school. Suit up or shut up.

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