Holes was probably one of the best movie adaptations of a book, amirite?

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And it doesn't hurt that shia labeouf was in it

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In the book The Godfather, they're always talking about this dudes penis while the movie is considered the greatest of all time. That's what I call a good adaptation.

A-R-M P-I to the T.

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@A-R-M P-I to the T.

What's that spell? Dawg, that's me! I don't take showers, and I don't brush my teeth. All I do is dig holes, eat and sleep! (Forgive me if that's wrong. It's been a while :) )

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Better than the book, I'd say. LOVE the soundtrack as well!

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It's on ABCFamily right now? OH SHIT, IT IS!(:

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@Shugah WHAT? It can't be. This was a year ago!

I know, I'm just trolling(: Plus, it's Harry Potter Weekend! (:

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@Shugah Well now I feel retarded.

HAHAHA, Aw, don't be. It's just a joke(:

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No country for old men is also a great adaptation from the book.

Bahaha You were probably watching the movie on abcfamily. Correct me if I'm wrong ;)

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LOTR too

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lord of the rings...?

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@Favvkes lord of the rings...?

Oh, sorry. Excuse me for not be a nerd"...?"

Read it and watched it 5 times

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Idk if reading the book after seeing the movie impairs my judgement, but I think they missed 1 thing out of the entire book. And that was the fact Stanley/Caveman was supposed to be fat and then come out fit and healthy, but its understandable they would sacrifice that for Shia Lebeouf. I loved both.

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