It's shocking how many people are just now learning that Darren Criss is going to be on Glee on November 2nd, amirite?

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I had no idea!

@HDYKMD I had no idea!

Really? That's so bizarre. It's been ALL over here and it's basically the number one conversation on every single AVPM/AVPS/Glee/Darren Criss post or video. haha.
It's super de duper exciting, though.
He's going to play a gay character named Blaine, possibly Kurts bf.

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@HDYKMD That's gross, but whatever.

Personally, I'm a bit bummed that he's going to be gay. He's got such a strong female fan base and none of us are going to want to watch him kiss Kurt. :) but I'm so glad he got the part and that Kurt will have a bf as talented and fabulous as Darren!

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@HDYKMD NOOOOO!!!! He can't be Kurt's bf! He's too awesome for that!

but imagine this: a Chris Colfer-Darren Criss DUET! :) how fantastic would that be? Oh, I'm crossing my fingerssssss.

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November 9th actually, he says so on his twitter :D excited, but I don't wanna wait another week!!!!!!!!!!! D:

I'm so happy he's gonna be Kurts boyfriend I love Kurt!

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@ASWCC who?

Are you serious?

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@Are you serious?

yeah i am. What of it?

@ASWCC yeah i am. What of it?

Just asking. Go watch AVPM, if you feel like it. He's the attractive, extremely good singer playing Harry.

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@ASWCC yeah i am. What of it?

He's a talented singer/songwriter/actor made famous by the A Very Potter Musical videos on Youtube. We're all very proud that he has surpassed the "extras" roles on crime shows and short movies he generally plays to get a great part on Glee! :)

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