The human race is de-evolving, smart working people who contribute to society only have 1 or 2 children due to economic and financial reasons, while dumb people living on the dole/social doing nothing but being a drain on the nations resources and contribute nothing have 3 - 5 children. Smart hard-working humans are being bred out! amirite?

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This is sadly true ):

my poppa's smart and hardworking and he had 5 kids... So I don't agree with your reason as to why the human race isn't moving forward (maybe it's even moving backwards?) but I do agree with you in regards to your first point

Just because a smart couple has a baby doesn't mean that baby will be smart and hardworking. Again, if a lazy person has a baby it doesn't mean the baby will grow up stupid and lazy. I disagree completely.

sounds like somebody was watching "idiocracy" haha

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@sounds like somebody was watching "idiocracy" haha

Yes, it sounded quite familiar to me too. It was not his thought, he had it from ''Idiocracy''... the cheater. But it's good to let other people think about it on the Internet, amirite?

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