Canada is the best country ever. The united states in horrible or producing Miley Cyrus, us Canadians would never do something like that, eh? amirite?

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...Justin Bieber?

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@...Justin Bieber?

Beat me by 6 secs...

@...Justin Bieber?

(:D): HHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA i agreee. justin bieber

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And we were like "Bieber, Bieber, Bieber, OHHHHH."

Miley Cyrus doesn't sum up America though.

Bieber...Nickelback...Sum 41...Celine Dion...Shania Twain...::stabs eardrums::

@SnobbyDrugAddict Bieber...Nickelback...Sum 41...Celine Dion...Shania Twain...::stabs eardrums::

you forgot avril lavigne. But she was actually kind of good. Skaterboy, naked, complicated, then she made that girlfriend song, and went preppy.

Justin Bieber.

damn, i was going to say justin bieber, but several people beat me to it.

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Thought your ought to know...

You don't think I acually live in Canada do u

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under a bridge eh, yeah you go do that


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I HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE Nickelback. I'd take Miley Cyrus over Nickelback anyday, and that's saying a LOT.

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Dude, I'll just teach you something I learnt on the internet. Canadians ALWAYS have the need to talk about their country and the US. If you were the best country, you'd stop talking about the US. Oh, by they way, you can't be the best, as you've never heard of the following countries: Nauru, Andorra, San Marino, East Timor and Djibouti.

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This comment was deleted by its author.

Nah, actually it was created by a British guy.

ahh me too FAILLL:]]

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Avril Lavigne too. She sucks. Hard.

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@Avril Lavigne too. She sucks. Hard.

(STICK IT IN UR CUNT): Avril Lavigne is worlds better than Beiber

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Miley cyrus rocks compared to Bieber. Bieber is just.. Ugh.

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Justin Bieber does not define Canada just like Miley Cyrus does not define the States. We are both awesome.

Canada is awesome thank you very much.

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Justin Bieber. Nuff Said

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um, excuse me mr.oblivious. Have ya heard the name Justin Bie Ber! Isn't he supposed to be canada's gift to everyone!?

Lets not forget who gave us justin beiber??

we Americans are picky. We like Drake, but take that Bieber kid back.

Well we have to consider actual facts here. Canada has been voted the best country to live in for the past several years by the UN. America beats us in some areas, and we beat them too, but in the end, as a place to live, Canada is better.

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celine dion? come onnnnnn.....?

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Canada has like 30 famous people that everyone knows, where as the States have hundreds. I'm sure the States have same bad people too. They just don't want to dish out the hate to their own country.

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Nickelback, Bieber, fucking liar bacon. No.


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haha i got it

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also ... canadians don't actually talk like that.

Whaat!? thats mean! We can't say we're the best country ever.. and that the States are horrible!
I mean.. Canada and the States are equal of how good of a country they are.. Yeah sure we get Free Health care.. But they are getting there. You just can't go say things like that.. to joke around to your friends, yeah sure.. it isn't like I haven't said that Canada is the best to my friends before..
But like I said before.. thats just plain rude to Americans. Not only to them, but also to all the other countries.

miley cyrus > justin bieber

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And fatasses, eh?

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@UNDERaBridge And fatasses, eh?

Not really.Considering your handle and previous posts, I'm assuming you're trolling :P

It's not like good music has come out of anywhere in the past few years....

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Justin Beiber is not at all like the Cyrus, he is a credit to our society.

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